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Vitriol (S3.5
Vitriol (S3.5

Meredith Tieger was a bright young woman dedicated to the furthering of scientific wisdom. An experiment designed to advance her understanding of the universe quickly turned in to a disaster, and consumed her and an entire wing of the guild house in a blazing conflagration. The women that emerged was hideously disfigured and broken. Now known as Vitriol, she specialises in the experimentation of corrosive acids and sulphuric materials, a knowledge she regularly puts to good use on the pitch.


Smoke Bomb (1) || 8" Range || AOE 3" || OPT

Models within this ongoing-effect AOE benefit from cover.[]

Clone (2 / 2 GB) || Self Range || Sustaining || OPT

The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2"] Dodge.[]


I've Been Burnt Before...

At the start of this model's activation, choose a model that is suffering the burning condition or the poison condition that is within this model's melee zone. This model may immediately make a [2"] Dodge away from the chosen model.[]

Skilled within Shadow

When this model targets an enemy model that is benefiting from cover with an Attack, this model gains [+2] TAC for the duration of the Attack.[]