Vet Spigot (S3.Front)
Vet Spigot (S3.Back)

Spigot was the best of the best in the old days. Ask any of the old timers, and they’ll tell you stories you won’t believe about how good he was. Until he fell for the drink… Several team changes later, and the Brewer’s Guild took him on. He isn’t the most reliable player, but he has managed to turn certain defeats in to surprise victories with a hint of the old talent.


Goad (1) || 6" Range || Sustaining || OPT

While this model is on the Pitch, the target enemy model can only move directly towards this model during an Advance. Edit

Ball's Gone! (2 GB) || P Range

Target enemy model loses possession of the ball-marker and the ball-marker is placed in possession of this model. This model may immediately make a Pass without spending Influence. Edit


Match Fit

While in possession of the ball-maker, this model gains [+2"/+2"] MOV. Edit

Close Control

Once per turn this model may ignore the first Tackle Playbook result against it. Edit

Paint on your Boots

While within [8"] of the edge of the Pitch this model gains Poised. (Once per turn, this model may make a Counter-Attack without spending MP.) Edit


Back to His Best

This model gains [+1] DEF. While in possession of the ball-marker, this model may make a Kick without spending Influence. Edit


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