Vet Briskit (S3.Front)
Vet Briskit (S3.Back)

No one survives a brush with death unscathed, not even a butcher. When she found herself on the wrong side of the knife, Brisket couldn’t help but gain a little perspective on what’s important. She now takes to the pitch more mobile and more vicious, bringing more influence on the game than ever before. Opponents will want to keep their distance—unless they have a pint of blood to spare.


Ball's Gone (2 GB) || P Range

Target enemy model loses possession of the ball-marker and the ball-marker is placed in possession of this model. This model may immediately make a Pass without spending Influence. Edit

Quick Time (2) || 4" Range || OPT

Target friendly model may make a [2"] Dodge. Edit


Above and Beyond

Each time this model scores a goal, this model gains [+1/+0] INF for the remainder of the game. Edit

Support from the Wing

While within [8"] of the edge of the Pitch, this model pays [1] less Influence to Charge. Edit

Unpredictable Movement

Once per turn when an enemy model ends an Advance in this model's melee zone, this model may immediately make a [2"] Dodge. Edit


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