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Initiative Phase Edit

Both players roll a dice and add MP left from last turn. Winner of roll chooses who has initiative. The loser of the roll gains [1] MP.

Maintenance Phase Edit

Player with initiative does all steps, then the other player.

  • Resolve conditions
  • Allocate icy-sponge Tokens
  • Return Players to Pitch
  • Generate Influence Pool
  • Add [1] Influence per Goal scored.
  • Allocate Influence

Activation Phase Edit

Starting with Player with initiative, take turns to Activate a model. During their Activation models may perform the following in any order.

Make an Advance

Your model may perform a Jog (up to base-move), the model may spend Influence to upgrade their Jog to :

  • [1] Influence - Sprint (up to max-move)
  • [2] Influence - Charge (up to max-move in a straight line and then perform an attack)

Models may also forfeit their Advance to remove the knocked-down condition.

Spend Influence to :

  • [1] Influence - Make an Attack
  • [1] Influence - Perform a Kick
  • [x] Influence - Make a Play

End Phase Edit

Remove all ongoing-effects

Remove any remaining influence

Kick Off Edit

Player roll off, winner chooses to Kick or Receive.

Kicker, chooses table edge and deploys completely within 10"

Receiver, deploys completely within 10" opposie edge.

Kicking model moves up to base move and then performs a kick.

If ball token is within the kicking player's half of board, possession is given to a model in the Receiving team.

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