Exclusive Release at GenCon 2016.


CROPPING (0) Self Range || 4" Pulse

If there is a friendly harvest-marker within the pulse this model may remove the harvest-marker from the Pitch to recover [2] HP. This Character Play may only be used once per turn. Edit

MOW DOWN (1 GB) Self Range

Models within this model's melee zone suffer the knocked-down condition. Edit


New Talent Spotted

This model may be only be used in The Big League. Edit

Charmed [Female]

This model gains [+1] DEF against each Attack or Character Play made against it by the named model type. Edit

Fruits of Labour

Once per turn during this model's activation, the Controlling Player may place a friendly 30mm harvest-marker within [2"] of this model. Edit

Scything Charge

During a Charge, in addition to one or more Playbook damage results, all models within this model's melee zone suffer [3] DMG. Edit

Gerrof My Land!

Once per turn while this model is within [4"] of a friendly harvest-marker, when an enemy model ends its Advance within [6"] of this model and this model is not engaged, this model may immediately make a Charge targeting the enemy model. Edit


Big League Loan Player [Tater]

Any Guild my choose to use this model during a Big League match at a cost of [1] Favour per match. The [1] Favour is paid to the Guild Council (discarded back to the bank). Edit


When a model moves into base contact with a harvest-marker during a Charge, the harvest-marker is removed from the Pitch. During the maintenance Phase, before Influence is allocated, remove all friendly harvest-markers from the Pitch and add [+1] Influence to the friendly team's Influence pool for each harvest-marker removed. Edit
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