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Snakeskin (S3
Snakeskin (S3

Known as The Chameleon by her fans, Snakeskin is a master of disguise. A sinewy and powerfully built young woman, she is the master of the hidden kill, using poison and venom to compliment the viperous bite of her blades. She is an invaluable tool in the eternal war between the guilds, her ability to silence a target quietly being put to regular use, all for a price of course…


Nimble (1) || Self Range || Sustaining || OPT

This model gains [+1] DEF.[]

Clone (2 / 2 GB) || Self Range || Sustaining || OPT

The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2"] Dodge.[]


Venomous Strike

Enemy models suffer the poison condition when damaged by this model.[]

Charmed [Male]

This model gains a [+1] DEF against each Attack or Character Play made against it by the named model type.[]

Shadow Like

At the start of this model's activation it may make a [2"] Dodge.[]