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Smoke (S3
Smoke (S3



Smoke Bomb (1) || 8" Range || AOE 3" || OPT

Models within this ongoing-effect AOE benefit from cover.[]

Alchemy Mix (1) || 8" Range || OPT

Choose an ongoing-effect AOE that was positioned by a friendly model.  Position a new [3"] ongoing-effect AOE in contact with the chosen AOE. The new AOE is a duplicate of the chosen ongoing-effect AOE.[]

Chemical Breeze (1) || 6" Range

Choose an ongoing-effect AOE that was positioned by a friendly model. The chosen AOE may be positioned within [4"] of its current location. Models within the AOE when it is positioned are considered to have enter the AOE. This Character Play may only be used once on each ongoing-effect AOE per turn.[]


Cloud Jumper

Once per turn during its activation, this model may choose an ongoing-effect AOE within [4"]. This model may be placed anywhere within the chosen ongoing-effect AOE.[]

Momentous Inspiration [4" Aura]

While within this aura, friendly models that generate one or more successful hits when using a Character Play that causes damage, additionally generate [1] MP.[]

Unpredictable Movement

Once per turn when an enemy model ends an Advance in this model's melee zone, this model may immediately make a [2"] Dodge.[]


Chemical Shower

Position two [3"] AOEs within [8"] of this model. Models within one or more of these AOEs immediately suffer [3] condition-damage. Models entering or ending their activation in either of these ongoing-effect AOEs suffer the poison condition.[]