Skatha (S3.Front)
Skatha (S3.Back)
Their fearsome captain, Skatha, commands the pitch with slick footwork and a passing game as unrelenting as winter’s howling winds. 


Cold Snap (2 / 1 GB) || 8" Range || 3" AOE || OPT

All models hit suffer [1] DMG and the snared condition. Edit

Snowball (1) || Self Range || OPT

Place an additional ball-marker in possession of this model, this ball-marker cannot be used to make a Shot or score a goal. At the end of this model's activation, remove this ball-marker from the Pitch. Edit

Blessing of the Moon Goddess (1) || 4" Range || Sustaining

The next time target other friendly Guild model makes a successful Attack against and enemy model, the friendly model may add an additional dodge Playbook result. Edit


Light Footed

When this model makes an Advance it ignores the MOV penalty for rough-ground. Edit

Nature's Chill

At the start of this model's activation, the Controlling Player may place a [3"] AOE within [8"] of this model. This AOE may not be placed within [2"] of a terrain piece. This AOE is fast-ground. This AOE is removed in the End Phase. Edit


Winter's Night [6" Pulse]

Place a frost-token on each enemy model within this pulse. When a friendly Guild model makes a successful Attack against an enemy model that has a frost-token, the friendly Guild model may remove the frost-token to add an additional push-dodge Playback result. Edit


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