Rage (S3.Front)
Rage (S3.Back)
Some call him dirty scum, others a vile murderer, but this does not do justice to the man known as Rage. He is a thug for hire, willing to get his hands dirty if it earns him some gold and reinforces his brutal reputation. Underhanded guilds often use this to their advantage, using his fearsome skills with knife and cleaver to settle old grudges on, and off the pitch.

LIMITED EDITION SCULPT: Available now for the first time as a limited edition sculpt, this version of Rage can be used to represent either Rage, or Veteran Rage out on the pitch. Bloody coin in hand, and still clutching Blackheart’s sword, this is one of the most iconic models we’ve ever produced, so don’t miss out!


Tooled Up (1) || 4" Range || Sustaining || OPT

Target friendly Guild model gains [+1] DMG to Character Plays that cause damage and Playbook damage results. Edit

Concussion (2 GB) || P Range

Target enemy model loses [1] Influence. Edit



This model cannot be affected by other friendly Plays or Character Traits. Edit


During its activation, if this model damages an enemy model with an Attack, this model may make an additional Attack without spending Influence. This ability cannot generate a further additional Attack from itself. Edit


This model may Charge without spending Influence. Edit

Crucial Artery

When damaged by this model enemy models suffer the bleed condition. Edit