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Mist (S3
Mist (S3

An elusive and shadowy individual, the only clue about Mist’s origins is his otherworldly link with Siren. His talent lies in deception, disappearing from plain sight, vaulting with acrobatic grace to strike from an exposed flank. Before his victim can react, they have lost the ball, their clumsy strikes no match for his agility.


Smoke Bomb (1) || 8" AOE || 3" AOE || OPT

Models within this ongoing-effect AOE benefit from cover.[]

Acrobatics (1) || S Range || OPT

This model may make a [2"] Dodge.[]


Cover of Darkness

If this model starts an Advance while benefiting from cover it gains [+2"/+2"] MOV.[]

Motivated [Solthecian]

While within [6"] of a friendly model of the named type this model gains Shadow Like. (At the start of this model's activation it may make a [2"] Dodge.)[]

Skilled within Shadow

When this model targets an enemy model that is benefiting from cover with an Attack, this model gains [+2] TAC for the duration of the Attack.[]