Minx (S3.Front)
Minx (S3.Back)

Minx is a savage, undomesticated animal. She is kept chained like a dog in the depths of some dungeon by her master, starved and beaten until she bites any soul foolish enough approach her. When a particularly brutal match is scheduled, she will be lead from her hole, blinded by the unfamiliar sunlight and disorientated by the loud cheers of the crowd. Once she is truly rabid, she is unchained, stalking the opposition; no thoughts of the sport, but only an opportunity to hunt, becoming a lethal predator once again, her ample scalps testament to her skill.


Marked Target (1 / 1 GB) || 8" Range || Sustaining || OPT

A friendly model that declares a Charge against the affected target enemy model gains [+0" / +2"] MOV for the duration of the Charge. Edit

Screeching Banshee (2 GB) || P Range || Sustaining

Target enemy model suffers [-1] DEF and [2] DMG. Edit


Back to the Shadows

At the end of its activation, if this model caused damage to an enemy model during the activation, this model may make a [4"] Dodge. Edit

Damaged Target

When this model declares a Charge against a damaged enemy model it gains [+0"/+2"] MOV. Edit


This model may Charge without spending Influence. Edit

Hunter's Prey

When damaged by this model enemy models suffer the snared condition. Edit


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