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Katalyst (S3
Katalyst (S3

For some scientists, the pursuit of extending mankind’s years and to emerging victorious against the ravages of time is a much nobler study. Katalyst is one such man, hulking and unnaturally muscled by the chemicals continually pumped in to his system, pushing his body to the limit in the search for eternal life.


External Combustion (2 GB) || P Range || Pulse 2"

Target enemy model suffers a 4" Push directly away from this model and [3] DMG. Enemy models within the pulse suffer the burning condition.[]

Seismic Kick (1) || Self Range || OPT

This model may make a Kick during its activation without spending Influence. When this model makes a Kick, it cannot be intercepted. All other models, except the receiving model, on the ball-path from this Kick suffer the knocked-down condition.[]


Burning Strike

When damaged by this model enemy models suffer the burning condition.[]


This model starts the game suffering the burning condition. During the End Phase this model suffers the burning condition.[]

Burning Effigy

While this model is suffering the burning condition it gains [+2] TAC and [+2"/+2"] MOV[]