Iron (S4)

Impetus (1) / Self Range / Sustaining / OPT

This model gains [+2"/+2"] MOV. Edit

Battering Ram

During this model's advances, models whose bases are touched by its base immediately suffer a 2" push directly away from it. This model can only push each model once per turn with Battering Ram. Edit

Close Control

This model may ignore the first tackle playbook result that it suffers each turn. Edit

Tough Hide

This model suffers -1 DMG from enemy plays and playbook damage results. Edit


When this model makes a Shot while within 2" of the enemy goalpost, the TN is reduced by 1. Edit

Pre-Release : Gencon 2017

Iron, the Battering Ram

I know his story all right. Comes from royal blood somewhere down the line, a third or fourth son to a minor baron, far enough down the succession to give the lad a real hefty chip on his shoulder. I don’t doubt it’s where his vindictive streak comes from, as broad as his bloody great shoulders. That he’s as ugly as sin probably doesn’t help. It’s best for all of us he wears that helmet most of the time. I’ll tell you, tread carefully around him. He doesn’t care for anyone much, friend or foe, and he’ll shove both out of his way just the same. Not a bone of respect in his body, not a one.

I have no clue what possessed the Guild to lumber a good lass like Ferrite with an oaf like Iron. It’s scant reward for her contribution to the team. I mean, the man refuses to even play the game like most people, insisting on making a scene and carrying the bloody ball instead of kicking it. To hear him explain, he prefers some other game, old and forgotten by all except the nobility in his homeland. Rugger, they call it.

Raedlanders and their bloody sports - I lose track of how many they’ve invented. No wonder their empire fell, all too busy playing games instead of manning their stations I shouldn’t wonder. Never a day passes that I’m not thankful my ancestors forced them from our lands. I couldn’t stomach being associated with the weakling southerners.

But ach, that’s another story.

At least Iron has sense enough to listen to his master. I wonder how many of the arrogant pig’s bones she had to break before he learned that lesson, eh?

Anvil, Master of the Blacksmith’s Guild The Blacksmith Guild: Ferrite & Iron

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