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Hemlocke (S3
Hemlocke (S3

Hemlocke pays fealty to an ancient and primordial divinities, those with shrines overgrown by weeds, and ancient monoliths long since toppled. To most that have dealings with her, she is an eccentric hermit, a deluded outcast that seems an odd fit for the shadowy and sinister Union. She is unusually popular for a Union player, due to the gentle manner with which she administers herbs and potions. This hasn’t stopped her killing dozens of people that have crossed her path, influencing the fate of the universe at the will of her gods.


Blind (1) || 8" Range || Sustaining || OPT

Target enemy model suffers [-2] TAC, [-2/-2"] KICK and [-2"/-2"] MOV.[]

Smelling Salts (2) || 4" Range || AOE 3" || OPT

Friendly models within the AOE remove any conditions on them.[]

Noxious Blast (2) || 8" Range || AOE 3" || OPT

All models hit suffer [2] DMG and the poison condition. Models entering or ending their activation in this ongoing-effect AOE suffer the poison condition.[]


Magical Brew

At the start of this model's activation, remove all conditions from this model. This model also recovers [2] HP.[]


During a Parting Blow that targets this model, this model gains [+1] DEF.[]