Hag (S4)

Decoy (1) / Self Range / Sustaining / OPT

This model gains +2 DEF against the next enemy attack or character play made against it. Edit

Fisher's Reel (1 / 1GB) / 4" Range

Target other friendly model may make a 2" dodge. A model can be affected by this character play only once per turn. Edit


The first time each turn an enemy model spends influence on an attack, charge, or character play that targets this model, the enemy model must spend 1 additional influence. Edit

Shadow Like

At the start of this model's activation it may make a 2" dodge. Edit


Once per turn during this model's activation this model may use a character play without spending influence. Edit


Call of the Sea [4" Pulse]

This model suffers 1 DMG for each other model within this pulse. Enemy models within this pulse suffer a 2" push. Other friendly models within this pulse may make a 2" dodge. Edit

Opponents should be careful not to underestimate Hag. While she isn’t one to draw blood, she does wield a maelstrom of supportive power, which can sink even the most determined assaults against her fellow Fishermen. Brimming with the chaos of the sea, she’ll terrorize those foolish enough to stand against her power, nimbly dancing away like a sprite riding the surf. Her cunning mastery of the elements means she’s sure to turn the tides in her coach’s favour.

The release date was 24th February 2017


  • Looking for more movement tricks? Then Hag is must-have—her supportive play style will propel any Fisherman roster to new heights!
  • Not only will her influence efficiency arm you with more choices each round but it will also let you swiftly react and adapt to whatever strategy your opponent tries to throw your way.
  • If you want to command a storm of re-positioning power and run your opponents ragged, then add this shadowy sea witch to your roster!
Hag- Season III - Release Trailer

Hag- Season III - Release Trailer

Guild Ball- Hag - Design Team Interview

Guild Ball- Hag - Design Team Interview

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