Gutter (S3.Front)
Gutter (S3.Back)

Once a princess from the far north, Gutter’s life soon took a dark turn when she was captured by Blackheart. When he realised there was no profit to be made in ransoming her, she became a slave on his ship, living a miserable life below deck. In a strange twist, she fell in love for the ruthless captain, an opportunity he soon exploited by making her first mate, completely loyal in her insane devotion for him. She now plays the game at his side, using her deadly skills with hook and chain to ensnare her victims.


Chain Grab (2 GB) || 6" Range

Target enemy model suffers a [6"] Push directly towards this model. Edit

Scything Blow (1 GB) || P Range

All models within this model's melee range suffer [3] DMG. Edit


Life Drinker

When this model damages one or more enemy models with a Playbook damage result, it may recover [1] HP. Edit

Anatomical Precision

During an Attack from this model enemy models suffer [-1] ARM. Edit


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