Advance Edit

Jog, sprint or charge are advances, any other type of movement of a model is a Reposition.  Dodges and Pushes are Repositions.

ARM (Armor) Edit

Does not have any effect on plays, only attacks.

Negative values do not increase numbers of hits

Cover Edit

A model that targets a model with an Attack, while the model being attacked is benefiting from cover, suffers [-1] TAC for the duration of the Attack.

Cover templates such as smoke bombs do not affect LoS unless otherwise stated (like a forest), only TAC.

 Cover does not effect character plays.

Dodges / Pushes Edit

Single push of length defined by the number of arrows, not a series of 1” pushes.

Dodges don’t have to be in a single straight line, while pushes do.

When selecting a playbook result with a dodge, you may choose not to dodge (see dodge wording on pg 47).  In the event you choose not to dodge minefield, or similar, would not trigger.

Pushes do not need to be directly away, unless specified otherwise (brick, mallet, tower etc)

Pushes / dodges are repositions.