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Flask (S3
Flask (S3

Flask was a gift in 17c from the Lord Chamberlain of the Engineer’s Guild as a token of the long standing alliance between the two institutions. A small, tracked automaton in appearance, Flask has many hidden defences to keep his secrets protected.


Intensify (2 / 1 GB) || Self Range || Pulse 3"

Enemy models that are suffering conditions and are within the pulse suffer [2] DMG.[]


Light Footed

When this model makes an Advance it ignores the MOV penalty for rough-ground.[]

Overheat [3" Pulse]

When this model suffers the taken-out condition during the Activation Phase, all other models within the pulse suffer [3] DMG and the burning condition.[]

Smoke Cloud

Once per turn during this model's activation, you may place a [3"] AOE over the centre of this model. Models within this ongoing-effect AOE benefit from cover.[]