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Crucible (S3
Crucible (S3

Crucible- Guild Ball - Season III

Crucible’s virulent presence amplifies her team’s condition game, making fires burn with greater fury and poisons even deadlier. Her caustic onslaught cannot be contained, thanks to her nimble footwork. Slipping past whatever comes her way, Crucible is toxic threat, sure to corrode the opposing team’s morale.

Released March 24th 2017


Nimble (1) || Self Range || Sustaining || OPT

This model gains [+1] DEF.[]

Slip Past (1 / 1 GB) || Self Range || OPT

Choose an enemy model within this model's melee zone. Place this model within [1"] of the enemy model.[]



At the start of this model's activation, this model may choose to suffer either the burning condition or the poison condition.[]

Chemical Admixture

When damaged by this model enemy models suffer all conditions this model is currently suffering.[]

Covalence [4" Aura]

An additional [+1] MP must be spent when an enemy model within this aura, that is suffering the burning condition or poison condition, uses Take a Breather! or is targeted by Come on Mate!.[]

Reactive Solution

At the end of its activation, if this model is within [4"] of an enemy model that is suffering the burning condition or poison condition, this model may make a [4"] Dodge.[]