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Burning Edit

Model suffers [-2"/-2"] MOV.

Suffer [1] DMG in Maintenance Phase.

Poison Edit

Suffer [2] DMG in Maintenance Phase.

Bleed Edit

Suffer [3] DMG in Maintenance Phase, then remove.

Knocked Down Edit

Loses possession of ball-token (perform standard-scatter)

Does not block LOS.

Cannot engage enemy models.

Cannot be moved, other than by Push and Dodge.

Suffers [-1] DEF.

Model may forfeit its Advance to remove this Condition.

A model suffering the Knocked Down condition cannot use Character Plays, but may use Heroic or Legendary Plays.

Snared Edit

Model suffers [-2"/-2"] MOV and [-1] DEF.

Diseased Edit


When a model suffering the disease condition ends an activation, all models within [2"] suffer the disease condition. An additional [+1] MP must be spent when a model that is suffering the disease condition uses Take a Breather! or is targeted by Come on Mate!.

Taken Out Edit

Remove model from board.

Remove all other conditions.

May return to the board using the icy-sponge rule.